The Club Gear Pre-Orders will end Sunday 5/20 at 11:59PM. This will end the option for certain colors and the sweatshirt. The only colors available will be what we order for track sales. The pre-order discount will also end 5/20. Get yours now!

You can Pre-Order the 2018 MSLQMRA Club Gear on our store now at a discounted rate. They are $16 for Pre-Order and $20 once we end the sale. Get yours now with PayPal or Cash Pickup at the track once they are ready. Fly the Colors of MSLQMRA!

I am looking to add some videos to the TrackTube page. If anyone has some good videos please send me the links or videos. They can be uploaded to YouTube or you can send me the video directly via FB messenger. They can not be a link from FB because it does not allow you to post it here. I would like to get more on the page. Thanks.

The new page is up and running. I have a few more things in the works I have not got to yet. If you would like to sign-up for the forums to have discussions please do. I also created a special forum to buy sell trade parts which you can post and upload images there. You can also sign-up for the new MSLQMRA Track Tube to view and upload videos or photos you may have. I will be switching out the videos on the main video page with videos from that. Thank you and here is to the 2018 season!